A few days back I met a few of my friends after months. After we completed our 12th standard many of my friends moved to different cities to pursue their education. We make it a point to meet up whenever we are in the same city even if that means catching up after one year on most occasions. What amazes me is the fact that even though it has been four years since we passed our 12th board exams following which we have each been through so many different experiences in our individual lives we still share the same vibe and bond. Every time we meet we take off from where we left, filling each other up on the latest updates in our lives. Nothing much really changes, neither the conversation nor the ensuing peels of laughter nor bonding over food in the process.

I cannot seem to gather my head around is the fact that if this is possible in friendship then why not in love? Why can you not live apart from the person you love for months with out the relationship crumbling under the demands placed by distance and time? Isn’t love supposed to be ever lasting? In modern-day India one just has to look around to find instances of people who live in different cities or even continents yet share a beautiful bond. Not all of them work yet not all of them crumble either.

Love as an emotion is celebrated in literature and mythology alike. A lot of questions pop into my mind when I hear about the Radha Krishna love story. Firstly since Radha was already married we are technically celebrating a divine extra marital affair! Most importantly, once Krishna leaves his village to reclaim his kingdom and becomes the king where does Radha disappear? Why is there no reference to Radha? What stops a king from reclaiming his beloved when he makes the law of the land anyway? Or did she simply fade away from his memory when other things became too important?

Even the so-called divine love seemed to be marred by a long distant relationship after all!

Theirs was a love that extended beyond the societal boundaries yet remains one that is revered for its purity

Why am I talking about all this? Well I have seen a lot of friends making choices. Choices that involves either sticking by the one you love or choosing to let go under the pretext of being practical. Different solutions suit different situations. I cannot comment for what others choose but I just wish that love was more like friendship. You could just pick up from where you left.

The very nature of love and being in a romantic relationship makes that essentially impossible as it comes with its share of attached responsibilities and moral bindings. The heart will always yearn to be close to the beloved and the pain of separation is the real culprit.

I am reminded of Paulo Coelho’s lines from his novel ‘The Witch of Bortobello’ where he says

True love is made up of moments of ecstasy and agony

I believe the distance aggravates the agony that makes it difficult to take. Nevertheless what is a life with out love? Did Radha regret loving Krishna even though they never entered into the socially accepted institution of matrimony? I really doubt.