Entrepreneurs are a very inspiring bunch of people. Being brought up in a house

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where both my parents hold regular jobs, business and everything associated with it was not something I knew much about. In the past few months since I began covering businesses and interviewing entrepreneurs, I have learnt and observed a lot about this group. I think there are certain things about entrepreneurs that stand out. Here is what I have observed in my short stint in this beat so far.


This is one thing that every entrepreneur whether young or old has an ample supply of. They can go on and on talking about their ventures. When they talk about their ideas for the business and share their vision with you, they almost will you to believe every word they have uttered. And guess what? You actually do. Most of the times I am so impressed by the concept and the passion the person has for the job that I find myself fervently hoping that they taste success very soon.


You will almost never find an entrepreneur without a vision. This is the hallmark of an entrepreneurial soul. He/She will always have grand plans and in their mind they have a crystal clear understanding of where they want to see their company 1,5,10 years from now. Believe me they ALWAYS have a plan. The vision may or may not culminate into a reality but it is always there.

Gender neutral

Whether it is a male or a female entrepreneur who is handling the venture, the spirit remains the same. Both of them are equally driven and passionate. Both of them can be stubborn, adamant and hard task masters when needed. I find both the sexes equally competent in the interactions that I have had with them so far. The only exception is that married woman entrepreneurs have to walk a tightrope between maintaining a balance between their personal and professional life while the family puts up with a workaholic male entrepreneur, though grudgingly.


I am yet to meet an entrepreneur who works 5 days a week. Holidays are a taboo. They will all say, “It is tough. Our families always complain that we are never around!” But does that mean that they will take a few days off? Never! Holidays are the bane of their existence. They might dream of a time off but will never do so.  So any girl reading this- Beware! You will always be secondary to his business and he is likely to shower you with gifts but not the one thing that you would desire the most- his time.


You want to learn the value of time? Ask them. They might have been the sloppiest of people while in college but not so with their business. Forget the old Hindi movies about a father lecturing the son about the value of time. They can do a 100 times better job than that.

Once you strike a conversation with an entrepreneur you will always come out of the room inspired and in awe of their vision.