Yes I mean it. I am not turning into a schizophrenic.  I have begun observing every search result and advertisement when I am surfing the internet and have made certain observations. I shall tell you exactly why I think I am being stalked.

A few weeks back I was looking for wallets to buy and since I did not have much time to go shopping I decided to check out a few online stores. I checked Zovi and Inkruit but did not take a fancy to any of the products available. Since then which ever website I visit, the corresponding advertisements that I get to see are of Zovi or Infruit only!

Not just is the search engine keeping a tab on what websites I visit, but also about what products I checked. All the ads that the search engine deems fit for me are those of wallets! My problem is not wallets but my problem is why ONLY wallets!

The same thing happened a few months back when I was researching about laptops as I was planning to buy one soon. Suddenly I could see laptop advertisements every where. It is convenient at times but you do reach a point where you do not want only customized information coming to you. This is something that I will be discussing in detail in my next post as well.

What if Zovi had other amazing products but since I checked the wallet section and am being bombarded with information about it I would never learn about the other products. I might however be interested in buying something else but they are losing out on me as a potential customer.

Later that day I was checking out a website called Carsingh and the advertisements that I could see again were of wallets only! Really? A car website and wallets all around! Are you kidding me! What more proof do you want reader? Now are you convinced of my claim? For the record, I do not like to be stalked at all. I am a voracious reader and my preference is to be exposed to newer information and not go around in circles with the same old stuff.

If only I had a way of letting Google know that I have indeed bought myself a wallet and next on agenda is a watch. Oh wait! There is a way to let them know. I simply have to Google search for more watch designs and I shall be bombarded with offers related to watches.