Is nature sexist too?

Why would I ask that? Well, biologically there is a stark difference between the way men and women are built. It would be considered sexist to say this in the 21st century but I believe that men and women are not equal. You compare two people or tasks when they are similar. How can you compare two different genders that are biologically and physiologically created to be so different?

As a woman myself, I think it is very unfair that girls get to bear all the pain. I will explain the reason for my strong views on the subject. To start with, when a woman starts menstruating that is the beginning of a long and arduous cycle of pain, exhaustion, tiredness and related symptoms. The term ‘Oh I think she is PMSing’ is used by everyone from boyfriends to co-workers around women at all stages of their lives. That however is just the tip of the ice berg.

Women are hailed as givers of life and seen as being the one who nurtures. But all this comes at what cost to them? Childbirth is the most painful and exhausting process that a woman is likely to live through in her entire life. Why could nature not have divided the process equally between men and women?

It is unfair to put all the pain in the share of what the society perceives to be as the ‘weaker sex’. Once her reproductive life is over then she has to go through the dreaded phase of menopause. It appears to me that not just the society but nature herself likes to constantly test a woman’s patience and endurance.

The most sexist of it all is the concept of virginity. Why do only women have a hymen? Why is there  no tell tale sign of a man’s virginity? This puts the onus of chastity on women alone leading them to be ostracized in several communities for no fault of theirs.

Men and women according to my understanding are not equal because they both undergo totally different journeys in their lives when it comes to their physical maturity. The emotions vary corresponding to that as well. I do not subscribe to the notions of society that believes that certain tasks are reserved for men and others for women. You cannot compartmentalize tasks based on gender like that unless you supplement it with valid arguments.

For e.g. when I read that Indian army does not send women on the battle field I wondered how such an archaic rule can prevail even today. However when I read about the reasoning behind it the decision made much more sense to me. In a war zone hygienic issues get scant attention and a woman who is menstruating can become a liability in such a situation where both water and privacy can be beyond reach.

So the bottom line is that if you want to hold grudges, it’s the nature you have to blame. Society is just trying to keep pace with it.