You’ll hear a lot of applause in your life, fellas, but none will mean more to you than that applause – from your peers.

I hate tennis.

This is what one of the world’s greatest tennis player repeats page after page in his autobiography aptly named ‘OPEN’. If you are a fan who has followed him throughout his eventful career you might find it hard to believe. If you are a reader like me who turns to the book with out any preconceived notions then the statement resonates in every page of the book.

Pushed to be the world number 1 by his father from a very young age, Agassi was the tennis prodigy that he never wanted to be. He resented the game, hated it but found him elf with out any choice but to continue playing.

If you are a tennis aficionado then you will find wading through the book pure delight. However even if you are not a person who follows tennis the book will catch you by surprise on more than one occasion. Agassi is what he claims in the title, OPEN. He bares his psyche before every match for the reader. He deconstructs his mind for us and gives us glimpse of how lonely life as a tennis player can get on the tour. The extreme highs and lows that he has been through, the blunders and phases of depression, all are retold.

The only place Agassi holds back is when he is speaking about the women in his life. At no point does he go into a territory that is trashy. He treats chapters involving his girlfriends and ex wife Brooke Shields with utmost respect. In fact if anything, Agassi seems to be the hardest on himself throughout the course of his professional and personal life.

He is considered to be one of the most loved tennis players and yet  was regularly on the receiving end of scathing criticism from the press. Agassi’s flamboyance, his image in media is very different from the individual that he is in real life.

He comes across as vulnerable but more importantly normal. His life has extreme highs and lows, typical of a tennis player’s life. Yet what sets him apart is his resolve to fight back even though he hates the game as much as he does.

For the eternal romantics like me, OPEN is a first hand account of Andre Agassi’s journey that made him cross paths with the greatest woman tennis player ever; Steffi Graf. The rest as they say is history.

It is ironic. It is an eye opener. It is a revelation.

Whether you are a tennis fan or not the book will grip you.