Lush green trees, soft blowing breeze and melodious music in the air…

As one walks inside the Kalashetra Foundation in Thiruvanmiyur at Chennai, the beauty of it all sinks in. This is the location of Svanubhava 2012, a 3 day event that began on August 1st and is slated to go on till the 3rd of August.

Svanubhava is meant to be a celebration where students of art are exposed to various other art forms. However do not make the mistake of thinking that if you are not an artist then you will find yourself out of place here. If you like music and dance then this is the place to be.

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The location where the stage is set has thatched roofs with seating made out of cane. As one watches the event in this idyllic setting one finds the mood uplifted. There could not have been a more apt location to hold Svanubhava and enjoy the renderings of accomplished musicians and dance artists.

When I attended Svanubhava this morning it felt like a Mecca of art. One could gauge from the turnout that this is the city where people love music and different cultural events find ample patronage. The morning session started with Shri Ulhas Kashalkar’s soulful rendering of different ragas. I found myself enthralled by the music.

The crowd was an amalgamation of individuals from all age groups. The audience had everyone from school students to the elderly and were eager participants in the discussion that followed. Rather than going into the technical aspects of it all I will let you discover and enjoy the event for yourself.

What I can say for sure is that if you love art then this is the place to be. So do attend.